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DSGateway Certified Citrix Ready

Integration with Citrix Access Gateway™  and XenApp™

Delfigo Security provides strong multi-factor authentication capability to Citrix Access Gateway and Xenapp users with a simple web-services based integration using RADIUS server. Companies needing secure access for their internal employees and external users have greater confidence and control for implementing role based authorization to protect data and privacy.

Platform Requirements for Web Service

DSGateway is open architected and is platform and database agnostic. DSGateway uses Enterprise Java Beans (EJB) and Hibernate Data Access Objects (DAO) to communicate with internal processes and the database layers. DSGateway supports Java, PHP, and .NET environment on Windows 2003 and above servers.

 Supported Browsers

  • Internet Explorer
  • Firefox
  • Safari
  • Chrome
  • Opera

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Citrix Compatibility

DSGateway is verified to be compatible with:

 Citrix Product Version Operating System
 Access Gateway 4.5 
 NetScaler VPX 9.1 
 Xenapp 5.0 32-bit

"We have a significant investment in Citrix, and when BioPassword was no longer a viable solution for strong authentication, we found Delfigo Security's DSGateway. Delfigo offered us a certified Citrix Ready solution. The DSGateway solution captures multiple authentication factors and provides an easy to use administrator module to manage our users. We believe this is an important upgrade that will prove valuable in better understanding how our users access our systems."

Seth Roberts 
Citrix Administrator