Delfigo Security - Strong Authentication

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Financial Services, Insurance, and Banking (FSIB)

  • Financial Services, Insurance, and Banking (FSIB)Are you under pressure to meet regulatory compliance mandates around authentication?
  • Do you need a solution that meets your needs under today's tight budgets?
  • Would you like an authentication solution that is flexible and can integrate into your business processes to provide tiered access?

Financial institutions are under increased pressure from compliance mandates and customer demands to provide strong authentication to protect consumers against fraud.1  Current password-based systems utilizing an all-in, all-out architecture do not go far enough to protect users or identify normal from fraudulent activity, leaving financial organizations and their customers at risk. Other systems require significant time and resources to distribute and deploy, making them impractical for large-scale use. These organizations need an authentication solution that provides a layered risk mitigation approach to protect different customer groups and profiles by providing appropriate level of access. They need a solution that is easy to deploy and does not require distributing tokens and certificates to thousands of customers.

Delfigo uses multiple identity factors including keystroke dynamics, geospatial location, and system parameters to evaluate each user and assign a Confidence Factor (CF) each time that individual logs into the system. With DSGateway, each organization can configure "tolerance levels" to match their internal risk mitigation strategies and policies. Further, DSGateway captures and logs each entry into the system, providing a paper trail that meets all financial compliance demands, including GLBA, PCI-DSS and SOX. Deployed in the cloud, DSGateway is ideal for any deployment requiring maximum security measures combined with minimal administration or maintenance overheads.

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 1 FFIEC Mandates - Are You Prepared For The Coming Changes?