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  • HealthcareIs your staff forced to carry security tokens to access critical applications, burdening staff and IT budgets?
  • Do log-in times reduce productivity, causing staff to adopt bad authentication habits?
  • Would you like your authentication solution to be easy to use and track-and-trace compliant?

In today's digital world, hospitals must balance their primary focus of providing patient care and services with reducing operational costs and complying with HIPAA mandates. Services such as electronic patient records make it easy for doctors to gather and share information to ensure patients receive the best and most appropriate care. At the same time, new systems and procedures must be implemented to meet HIPAA regulations that protect information from being lost, stolen or mismanaged.

DSGateway is ideal for hospital staff and administrations that need track and trace authentication without needing additional hardware (such as tokens). Hospital employees and other personnel requiring access to systems no longer have to carry tokens and remember unique passwords to access secure information while meeting HIPAA compliance regulations. Additionally, DSGateway can work as a cloud solution or sit behind the firewall for integration with legacy applications ensuring smooth installation and management for hospital IT staff.

Contact Delfigo to learn how we can assist you in securing your application while improving user productivity, all at a fraction of the cost.