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Home IAMblog Security Vulnerabilities Will Recent Data Breaches Result In New Law?

Will Recent Data Breaches Result In New Law?

President Obama has proposed new law that would standardize the required response to consumers and users when their data has is compromised, and would take steps to protect the privacy of users online. At presents, state laws vary on the subject, which confuses consumers and makes them harder to enforce. In an article on CNET, Seth Rosenblatt cited several statistics that suggest that the recent increase in data breaches is fueling renewed interest in, and cooperation around, passing this kind of legislation.

By collectively rallying around new legislation, users are showing that they understand some of the risks and the potential for their data being compromised to significantly effect them. However, this will be the first of many steps to becoming more educated and proactive as a society when it comes to protecting ourselves online. Meaningful progress will require individual education and improved practices, as well as support from the legal system and the government.