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Mass High Tech: Startup Watch - Five You Should Follow

Mass High Tech Staff, August 18, 2009 

As part of each week's Startup Report, Mass High Tech highlights five startup companies, and their business goals, that are profiled in the New England Tech Directory.

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MicroRiver Launches Biometrics Technology in the UK

July 29, 2009  

MicroRiver has announced the launch of DS Gateway in the UK, offering businesses a comprehensive security and biometrics system to prevent data loss.

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Network World: Children's Hospital Boston Secures High-Traffic Workstations

Ellen Messmer, July 20, 2009  

Technology from Delfigo Security improves authentication and access controls at workstations used by medical support staff 

Children's Hospital Boston is making use of innovative technology from start-up to improve authentication and access controls at some of the workstations used by its medical support staff.

Read article... Delfigo Security Uncloaks with DSGateway App

Alex Goldman, July 17, 2009 

Delfigo Security this week released its DSGateway application, available in cloud or licensed software formats. The new application promises to solve identity management issues at a fraction of the cost with cloud computing efficiency....

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MIT Technology Review: Who's Typing Your Password?

Erica Naone, July 16, 2009  

By watching how passwords are entered, a company hopes to make log-ins more secure.

Passwords can be one of the weakest links in online security. Users too often choose one that's easily guessed or poorly protected; even strong passwords may need to be combined with additional measures, such as a smart card or a fingerprint scan, for extra protection...

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