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Strong Passwords Prevent Downadup Virus

A serious new sleeper virus that exploits Microsoft Windows is working its way through corporate networks. According to Mikko Hypponen, chief research officer at anti-virus firm F-Secure, "the best way to prevent the virus is to "get the patch and install it company-wide. The second way is password security. Use long, difficult passwords -- particularly for administrators who cannot afford to be locked out of the machines they will have to fix."

These of course are not the only options. Given the fact that most organizations have difficulty managing password policies and enforcing "strong" passwords, a more practical option would be to deploy an authentication platform using multiple factors such as keyboard biometrics, geospatial metrics, system parameters, and reflective thinking. Some key factors in considering this type of solution are:

  1. Platform Independence (Easy plugability into exisiting application environments)
  2. Database Flexibility (No heavy lifting if you need to change database vendors)
  3. Easy Integration and Configuration
  4. Open Standards (industry standards w/ built-in WS-Security authentication and encryption mechanisms)
  5. End-To-End Security
  6. Audit and Transaction Logging
  7. Great Administrative Tools (easily manage system and users )